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Ginger Oils

Giant Bottle of Ginger Oil [3X Bigger than normal bottle]

Giant Bottle of Ginger Oil [3X Bigger than normal bottle]

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GIANT BOTTLE of Ginger Essential Oil for Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Swelling, Hair Growth - Pain Relief and Nausea Relief  


✅ Earthy Spice - Our ginger essential oil therapeutic grade perspires earthy and spicy aroma of fresh ginger roots. With hints of warm grounding notes, our lymphatic drainage ginger oil essential improves circulation, hair growth and relieve pain.

✅ Massage or Topical - Massage with organic ginger oil to improve your body's natural circulation. Use ginger massage oil for aching muscles and joints, inhale ginger essential oil for nausea, or apply ginger oil organic on your scalp to promote hair growth.

✅ Improve Circulation and Relieve Pain - With ginger oil lymphatic drainage massage, it helps to drain away the waste. Lymphatic drainage ginger oil drops relieves pain and swelling too for a healthier figure with ginger oil for swelling and pain.

✅ Boost Hair Growth - With ginger germinal oil hair growth, it stimulates scalp circulation to encourage better hair growth for longer, thicker hair. Flaunt your new locks and strut with great confidence using ginger essential oil organic.

✅ Natural Ingredients - Our lymphatic drainage ginger oil herbal for swelling is harvested from India and steam distilled to perfection. 

For massage on foot, legs, neck, arms, etc.

Normal Size: 30 ML


Ingredients: ginger extract, grape seed oil, mineral oil

Tired of SMALL bottles of Ginger Oil? 

Try our GIANT BOTTLE today!

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